Trees, partnerships and T-shirts: what businesses are doing on Earth Day


For the first time in history, Earth Day is celebrated almost fully online. The 50th anniversary of the annual event, which is meant to raise awareness about our impact on the environment, doesn’t seem to be lacking interest. An overview of what some businesses are doing on Earth Day.

Ecosia is providing its growing community an extra opportunity to plant trees. The sustainable search engine, which already planted more than two million trees last month and is rapidly approaching one hundred million, is planting a tree for each Twitter user that tags a friend and retweets their Tweet.

Moreover, the company has just launched a limited-edition organic cotton T-shirt for its community to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The shirt’s proceeds are invested directly into reforestation projects.

More trees
Software company Encamp is greening the planet by pledging to fund a tree for everyone that comments their favorite outdoor activity. Similarly, Cities4Forests is asking people to join their photo contest by sharing a picture with their family, friends or colleagues in the forest. For each picture that is shared in the Forest Challenge, a tree is planted in collaboration with ReforestAction.

Plant-based meat across China

In the days leading up to Earth Day, alternative meat company Beyond Meat announced it is partnering with Starbucks to bring plant-based meat to over three thousand locations in China. The new menu will include Beyond Beef classic lasagna and pesto pasta, amongst others.

Telecom partnerships to address resource use
Vodafone is strengthening its partnership with Fairphone by making the Fairphone 3 available as company phone for employees at Vodafone Germany, as well as adding the phone their buy-back program aimed at reducing e-waste. Fairphone’s modular phone is easy to repair and is manufactured using conflict-free minerals.

Across the globe, businesses are working towards a sustainable future. This article outlines just a few of the great initiatives that are taking place. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’ recent call for a green recovery after the pandemic, which is supported by countless economists, politicians and companies, may be a much-needed boost for a more resilient and sustainable economy. If there is one thing that many seem to agree on, it is that every day should be Earth Day.

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