Ellen MacArthur Foundation is launching a ten-week circular economy program

Ellen MacArthur Foundation is launching a ten-week circular economy program

Imagine a world without waste, in which materials shift from one function to another, with an economy that restores natural systems rather than disrupts them. As part of its aim to turn that vision into reality, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is launching an online program that introduces people to the circular economy. “It’s a new way to design, make, and use things within planetary boundaries.”

From Linear to Circular
The online program consists of ten interactive webinars designed “to empower the next generation of circular economy leaders and pioneers.” The webinars, spread out over the course of ten weeks, will feature talks by the foundation’s in-house experts as well as guest speakers, and provide room for Q&A sessions.

With topics ranging from plastics to fashion and from circular design to business models, the program offers a wide variety of insights, which are illustrated by case studies. Participants are given an interactive challenge and invited to start online discussions with other participants.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
While sailing solo around the world for months, Ellen MacArthur witnessed the implications of a finite system first hand, having to ration her supplies to the last drop of fuel. Back from her voyage she started researching the fast-paced extraction of natural resources in the global economy, and came to the conclusion that our current rate and method of material consumption are not sustainable. In 2010, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation was launched.

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The foundation has since become a global thought leader on the circular economy, driving the transition from the linear take-make-dispose economy to one that is circular by design. Working together with governments, researchers, and companies such as Google and Renault, EMF provides insights, learning activities, and collaborative business opportunities to catalyze the shift to a sustainable economy.

The foundation’s online magazine, Circulate, showcases its findings and case studies.

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