TreeCard's wooden debit card
Drone tree planting ecosystem restoration at Land Life Company
Land Life Company's planting Cocoon
Modvion's wooden wind turbines
PlanetCare microfiber filter subscription service

A subscription service for cleaner and healthier water

During a wash, polyester and acrylic garments can easily shed half a million microfibers, which end up in the world’s waters, where they cause poisoning and genetic disruption. As a response, PlanetCare tackles microfiber pollution at the source: our washing machines. The Slovenian company has just launched its online shop, offering a monthly subscription for those who want to reduce their microplastics impact.

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The new social media platform for worldwide landscape projects

Meet the new social media platform for worldwide landscape projects

Empowering people to make better, more sustainable and more transparent forest projects. It’s a goal that Germany-based company OpenForests pursues through, an online platform that is changing the ways in which investors, donors and landscape developers communicate. Their recently launched Story Mapping app is making it even easier for companies and individuals to see the positive impact of their donations.

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BEEN London overfunded within first day of crowdfunding campaign
More and more universities are turning searches into trees